OCC: Oakland Community Council (email only)

The mission of Oakland Community Council (OCC) is to act as an advocate for neighborhood residents and organizations in an ongoing effort to improve their quality of life. We do this through providing forums for the presentation of development plans for the neighborhoods, as well as the active monitoring of enforcement of city and county codes and regulations. Our members include Oakland residents, property owners, businesses, institutions, community organizations, and social service organizations.

OBID: Oakland Business Improvement District
The Oakland BID works to preserve Oakland’s unique commercial environment, making it a vibrant destination for visitors, residents, owners, employees, and students. For information on Oakland BID programs, policies and initiatives, visit

OTMA: Oakland Transportation Management Association
The latest information on parking, van/car pool service, public transit, pedestrian and bicycle safety and the latest news on detours and construction in Oakland.

COPC: Community Outreach Partership Center
The Community Outreach Partnership Center program is an initiative of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and its Office of University Partnerships (OUP) that is designed to help colleges and universities to develop and sustain effective partnerships for rebuilding community. COPC grants provide a catalyst for higher education institutions to mobilize their many resources to address issues and needs identified by local community partners.
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OTF:Oakland Task Force
The OTF is an unincorporated grouping of Oakland institutions and community groups that meet on a monthly basis to share development plans and create a common vision for the future of Oakland. Established in the early 1980s by the Allegheny Conference, the OTF has evolved into the primary mechanism for consensus in Oakland.

Only in Oakland
For a comprehensive guide to Oakland’s restaurants, shops and attractions, visit The site, designed for Oakland’s visitors and shoppers, provides the most up to date information on parking, events, business hours and business hours.